Sinmoy Borgohain: Remembering a Gentleman’s Journey from Film to Family

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Sinmoy Borgohain, my dearest brother from another mother, was the heart and soul of our ambitious sci-fi feature film Avataran. His unwavering dedication, focus, and passion for his work were instrumental in bringing our shared vision to life.  With a heavy heart, I bid farewell to my younger brother and invaluable friend, Sinmoy.

As an independent filmmaker, I had the pleasure and honor of working closely with Sinmoy on the sets of our sci-fi epic Avataran. Throughout the entire year of 2013, he was my right-hand pillar, one of the rare few who possessed the maturity and sensibility needed to shoulder the immense responsibility of filming a feature film project. Despite our small team of just four people assisting me, Sinmoy’s performance stood out as second to none. He was the embodiment of a true gentleman, exemplifying sincerity, perseverance, dedication, commitment to work and duty, decency, punctuality, and discipline both on and off the shooting set. 

His focus and dedication, even without formal training or experience in filmmaking, were truly impressive. This is why he became my chief assistant during the main schedule of Avataran‘s shoot in 2013. Disciplined and proactive, he took part in every aspect of the film’s production, from the screenplay to the final shoot. He coordinated actors, managed shooting schedules and budgets, oversaw production, and even drove our car.

Despite his serious demeanor, which was often misinterpreted as unfriendliness, Sinmoy was a man with a heart of gold who prioritized his work above everything else during shooting.

As the director’s assistant, production manager, and coordinator on the sets of Avataran, Sinmoy understood the immense responsibility of executing the complete shooting production process, coordinating and managing actors and crews. He refrained from engaging in unnecessary fun or partying during shooting hours, choosing instead to concentrate on ensuring the smooth functioning of our operations.

Embarking on a science fiction project with an ambitious storyline, complex visual effects shots, and extensive green screen shooting was a daunting task and a first of its kind in Assam. Many questioned our grand plans, but Sinmoy firmly believed in my abilities as a director, our vision, and our goals. He dedicated himself unconditionally to the project, wholeheartedly supporting and trusting every decision made to ensure the success of our film.

When work was over, Sinmoy transformed into the life of the party, enjoying late-night gatherings with our cast and crew. We sang karaoke, danced, and posed for fun photoshoots together. Our shared experiences extended to location scouting, where we visited numerous scenic spots across Assam to select the perfect shooting locations. Throughout these adventures, Sinmoy remained deeply invested in the movie’s script progression, tirelessly working to find practical solutions to various challenges that arose.

In a short span, Sinmoy became an integral part of our film crew, earning the trust and respect of everyone on the team. I had the pleasure of visiting his elder sister’s home in Guwahati, where we also filmed some scenes. A devoted family man, Sinmoy made the difficult decision to leave his film career to focus on his family and manage their business. This spoke volumes about his character and commitment.

After leaving our project, Sinmoy married and settled in his native village, taking on the responsibility of his family’s farm, shop, tea garden, and other businesses. His sincerity and dedication towards his work, duties, and family remained consistent. Though we were no longer working together, we stayed in touch, and our bond as brothers endured.

The news of Sinmoy’s untimely death at such a young age has left me deeply saddened. It is a great loss, and I regret that he never got to see the completed film Avataran and that we did not embark on the upper Assam film screening tour we had planned together. My condolences and prayers go out to his family during these difficult times, particularly on hearing the sad news of his demise during the occasion of Bihu.

Sinmoy Borgohain’s life was an inspiring story of unwavering commitment, both to his work on the sets of Avataran and to his beloved family. He will always be remembered for his invaluable contributions, strong work ethic, and the lasting impact he left on all those fortunate enough to know him. 

Farewell, my brother. Your memory, dedication, and unwavering support will live on in the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing and working with you. Your legacy as a true gentleman and an unforgettable friend will forever be cherished and remembered. Rest in peace, dear brother.

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