We, at TD Film Studio, are an Independent Film Production House of Guwahati, Assam. We take complete responsibility of a Film Production Starting from Script, Storyboarding, Direction, Cinematography, Lighting, Production Management, Assisting, Chroma Shoot, Editing, Color Grading, Sound Mixing, Dubbing, 3D Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics, GFX Posters Titling, till Final Product. We are leading pioneers in the field of Storytelling, VFX, and Animation innovations in the North-east Region (India).

Profile | TD Film Studio

Our Films reflect the growth of a City, its rich and glorious history and heritage to the modernization of today's world in one cinematic tone. We intend to keep up with the pace of change and progress while cherishing the past. We want to change the way people feel about entertainment in Assam and India!


About the founder/Director

Tarunabh Dutta is an accomplished filmmaker with an architecture degree. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, he has completed over 45 projects of various genres such as feature films, web-series, short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercial ads. His films have garnered over 3 million views online on Youtube and other social media channels.

Tarunabh’s passion for filmmaking started while he was studying architecture. He completed his B.Arch graduation in 2008 from the Sir J.J. College of Architecture, after which he started working professionally as a storyboard artist for Disney’s Bollywood film “Zokkomon”.

In 2011, he founded TD Film Studio, where he now works as the Founder Director and Producer of Films and TV Shows. His works have been broadcasted on regional and national television channels. Tarunabh has conducted over 40 filmmaking workshops and screening sessions throughout various leading  schools, colleges and universities of Assam.

Besides filmmaking, Tarunabh also conducts regular ‘Onscreen Acting’ Workshop and provides guaranteed casting roles in his films, to all participants who complete training besides providing a platform to new talents. He has provided acting roles and platform to over 150 actors till date and eight batches of Acting students have already completed their Acting Training with him (2016-2022).

He has worked on several international film projects and commercial video ads. He assisted eminent Film Director Jahnu Barua, in the Ad Campaign for Directorate of Tourism, Assam (2010-11). He also designed the political ads campaign for Indian National Congress Party, for 2014 Assam State Elections, and also designed logos and motion graphics and VFX for Directorate of Assam Tourism – Adventure Tourism Commercial Ads Campaign (2014).

Tarunabh’s short film ‘I am not Crazy’ won third prize in the Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival, 2013. His Short Film ‘Lost & Found’ was among the top 25 finalists in Viacom Motion Pictures’ ‘Cineshorts’ Film Competition 2016.

His International Music Video Project ‘Assam Skies'(2019) has been nominated in six international film festivals, and has won the “Outstanding Achievement Award” under Music Video category at Druk International Film Festival (2020) and is also a semi-finalist in London International Motion Picture Awards 2020.

His AI Animation Music Video for Peter Gabriel’s single ‘Don’t Give Up’ has been recognized as a Top 10 finalist and sole selection from India, in the ‘Diffuse Together’ International AI Music Video Contest 2024, representing India on a global platform.

With his wife and better half – Himakhi Dutta as his only assistance behind the camera, Tarunabh has executed and taken complete responsibility of all his film projects’ production work, starting from Script, Storyboarding, Direction, Cinematography, Lighting, Production Management, Assisting, Chroma Shoot, Editing, Color Grading, Sound Mixing, Dubbing, VFX, 3D, Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics, GFX Posters Titling, till final finished product on his own – with no team or external help from other Studios or professionals.

He has been selected as an official creator/author member of some of the leading Stock Asset Providers of the world, that icludes – Shutterstock, Getty Image, Envato, Ponds5, & Adobe Stock. His Stock Video Footages and photos are available in all these stores for commercial licensing and usage.

In 2021, Tarunabh completed a 105-minute animation web-series – ‘My True Love’ for the recently launched OTT platform ‘NIRI 9’ – a Romantic Comedy, and a first of its kind in Assam. He also completed another two web series recently.

At the end of 2021, he completed his commercial debut project: ‘Avataran’ – which is the first Science Fiction Fantasy Feature Film of Assam, with its production work spanning over 9 years. Boasting State-of-the-art VFX, 3D, CGI and Animation shots, ‘Avataran’ has brought a new revolution in the North-east Region of India.

Tarunabh is a visionary filmmaker who is always exploring new ideas and concepts, but stays grounded with his roots. His dedication to the craft and passion for storytelling make him a force to be reckoned with in the Indian film industry.

Profile as a Generative AI Expert

Profile Summary:
An accomplished independent filmmaker with over 18 years of experience, Tarunabh Dutta has completed more than 50 projects, including the pioneering science fiction feature film ‘Avataran’ in northeast India, celebrated for its extensive CGI VFX and animation. Since 2021, Tarunabh has ventured into the realm of Artificial Intelligence, mastering a broad spectrum of Generative AI tools and techniques. His proficiency extends from AI-driven creative storytelling to generating visual content and animations, positioning him as a prominent figure at the intersection of AI technology and filmmaking.

Skills and Expertise:
  • Generative AI for Visual Content: Proficient in Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Blue Willow, Kandinsky 2.1, Adobe Firefly, and Dall-E.
  • AI-Driven Storytelling: Extensive use of GPT-4 and open-source powered tools including ChatGPT, OpenAI API, Copy AI, Rytr, Poe, Peppertype, Nichess, and Llama models.
  • AI Content Writing: Active user of AI writing tools for scriptwriting, conceptual design, storyboarding, and professional retouching.
  • Advanced Generative AI Tools: Skilled in Automatic1111, Comfy UI, Controlnet, Inpainting, Outpainting, Upscaling, Face Swap, Photo Restoration Enhancements, Dreambooth, Deforum, Depth to Image, Custom Models, Loras, Infinite Zoom, Text to Video, Image to Video, Video to Video, IP Adapter, Stable Cascade, and Instant ID.
  • AI Voice and Sound Tools: Competent in AI voice and sound tools including Bark, Voice Retrieval Cloning,, Elevenlabs, Soundraw, and Suno AI.

  • Directed ‘Avataran,’ northeast India’s first sci-fi feature film, showcasing exceptional CGI VFX and animation.
  • Regular contributor of AI artwork to Adobe and other stock websites.
  • Won two artist grants for creative work with Dall-E.
  • Early tester and contributor to AI innovations such as Dall-e2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney.
  • Successfully integrated AI in numerous professional projects, including music videos, film conceptual designs, and storyboarding.
  • Recognized as a Top 10 finalist in the ‘Diffuse Together’ International AI Music Video Contest.
  • Participated in the Gen:48 Contest 2024 by RunwayML with the sci-fi short film ‘The New Guardians of Earth’.

Work Philosophy:
Committed to pushing the boundaries of AI technology to enhance creative storytelling and visual content creation, Tarunabh believes in blending traditional filmmaking techniques with modern AI tools to craft unique and impactful narratives. He advocates for the ethical use of AI, emphasizing the importance of originality, creativity, and the human touch in AI-generated work.

Future Aspirations:
Eager to explore new advancements in Generative AI, especially in the field of visual storytelling, Tarunabh aims to continue contributing to the field through sharing knowledge, creating groundbreaking content, and empowering others through education and collaboration.

Important Links:

Tarunabh Dutta's Works (2004-Present)

Adhorua- Incomplete (2023)Web SeriesFull SeriesDrama, Tragedy, Romantic, Fantasy, Suspense3 hrs. 15 mins.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Audition Bride (2023)Short FilmFull FilmComedy12 mins. 35 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Dharti (2023)Music VideoFull VideoVideo Song4 mins. 11 sec.Director/Animator/Editor/VFX
Rejected in Love (2023)Short FilmFull FilmRomantic, Drama, Tragedy10 mins.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Will it Blast?Short FilmFull FilmComedy2 mins. 49 secs.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Addiction No MoreShort FilmFull FilmSuspense, Drama, Fantasy5 mins. 26 secs.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Confused Romeo (2023)Short FilmFull FilmComedy, Romantic8 mins.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Silent Tears of Love (2023)Short FilmFull FilmRomantic4 mins. 20 secs.Writer/Director/Animator/Editor/VFX/Producer
My Love is Vengeance (2022)Feature FilmFull FilmRomantic, Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Drama1 hr. 31 min.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Tasty Pastry (2022)Short FilmFull FilmComedy, Drama5 min. 30 Secs.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Avataran (2021)Feature FilmFilm Trailer
Film website
Sci-fi, Suspense, Action, Family, Fantasy, Adventure2 hr. 30 mins.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
My True Love (2021)Web SeriesWatch on Niri9 App
Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Romantic, Animation, Comedy, Drama1 hr. 46 min.Writer/Director/Animator/Editor/VFX/Producer
Scentless (2020)Short FilmFull FilmComedy, Drama9 min. 10 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/Producer
Out of the Blue (2020)Short FilmFull FilmRomantic, Thriller, Suspense, Drama25 min. 28 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Coronavirus Lockdown (2020)Short FilmFull FilmComedy, Animation10 min. 55 sec.Writer/Director/Animator/Editor/Producer
Bangladeshi wants Politician's Brain (2020)Short FilmFull FilmComedy, Animation2 min. 32 sec.Writer/Director/Animator/Editor/VFX/Producer
Bhal hol ne beya hol (2020)Short FilmFull FilmComedy, Animation1 min. 23 sec.Writer/Director/Animator/Editor/Producer
Crorepati Cricket Challenge (2020)Short FilmFull FilmComedy, Animation1 min. 35 sec.Writer/Director/Editor/Producer
Monoray Akaxot (2019)Music VideoRupam Bhuyan Version
Full Song
Hriday Parash Version
Full Song
Video Song, OST3 min. 46 sec.Writer/Director/Composer/Editor/Producer
Assam Skies (2019)Music VideoFull VideoVideo Song5 min. 52 sec.Director/DOP/Editor
Smaxhaan Jatrar Gaan (2019)Music VideoFull Video
Video Song5 min. 7 sec.Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Accident Prone (2018)Short FilmFull Film
Horror1 min.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Kongbali (2018)Short FilmPart 1Fantasy, Comedy7 min. 41 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Maghor Bihu (2018)Music VideoFull VideoVideo Song4 min. 49 sec.Director/Editor
The Road to Hell (2018)Short FilmFull FilmAction, Tragedy, Drama, Suspense, Thriller, Horror40 min.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
The Girl in the Photo (2017)Short FilmFull FilmHorror, Suspense, Thriller, Drama, Tragedy23 min. 14 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Bloody Game (2017)Short FilmFull FilmRomantic, Thriller, Suspense, Action, Drama27 min. 28 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Phokotia Tales (2017)Feature FilmFull FilmComedy, Drama1 hr. 25 min.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Disco Khoini - Parody Song (2017)Music VideoFull VideoVideo Song, OST, Comedy5 min. 43 sec.Writer/Composer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Just Like Paradise (2016)Short FilmFull FilmSci-fi, Fantasy3 min. 52 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Secrets & Lies (2016)Short FilmFull FilmRomantic, Thriller, Suspense, Horror, Drama, Tragedy15 min. 55 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Smartphone (2016)Short FilmFull FilmComedy, Drama4 min. 39 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Compromise (2016)Short FilmFull FilmDrama7 min. 29 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Lost & Found (2015)Short FilmFull FilmRomantic, Musical, Drama5 min. 8 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
The Show Must Go On (2015)Short FilmFull FilmHorror, Thriller, Suspense, Drama, Tragedy20 min. 13 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Commercial Ads Campaign for Govt. Of Assam (2014)AdsVideo LinkTVC AD2 Campaigns - 18 PlatesMotion Graphics/ Editing
A Misinterpreted Malady (2014)Short FilmFull FilmDrama, Tragedy, Suspense10 min. 49 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
I am not Crazy (2013)Short FilmFull FilmDrama, Suspense, Thriller9 min. 30 sec.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Onusandhankari Spiridon (2012)T.V. SeriesAdventure, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror, Suspense, Drama12 EPISODESWriter/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Iss Jahaan Ke Liye - Patriotic Song (2011)Music VideoFull VideoVideo Song4 min. 32 sec.Director/Editor/ VFX
Ad Campaign for Directorate of Tourism, Assam (2010-11)AdsAds SampleTVC AD12 Animation Ads (3D)Project Coordinator/ Director's Assistant/ Conceptual Designer
Zokkomon (2011)Feature FilmTrailerFamily, Adventure, Fantasy, Action1 hr. 49 min.Storyboarding Artist/ Director's Assistant/ Conceptual Designer
Until my time is through (2010)Short FilmFull FilmRomantic, Suspense, Drama, Tragedy52 min.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Obsessed (2010)Short FilmFull FilmDrama, Suspense10 min.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/Producer
On the Lapse (2010)Short FilmFull FilmSuspense, Drama, Thriller10 min.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/Producer
Savages (2009)Short FilmDVD Amazon UK Store LinkHorror, Action, Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy39 min.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
UFO (2009)Feature FilmTrailerFamily, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Suspense, Drama, Thriller, Adventure1 hr. 12 min.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
The Dark Side (2009)Short FilmHorror, Suspense, Thriller, Fantasy13 mins.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Loving days (2008)Feature Film2 hr. 45 mins. Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Hourglass (2008)Short FilmAction, Tragedy, Suspense, Thriller52 mins.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Waiting for sleep (2007)Short FilmHorror, Suspense, Thriller56 mins.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/VFX/Producer
Seeing is Believing (2007)Short FilmRomantic, Suspense, Thriller, Drama53 mins.Writer/Director/DOP/Editor/Producer