How to Earn Money Using Multiple affiliate Programs on One Site – Shopper.com Review

Tarunabh Dutta

Tarunabh Dutta

Multiple affiliate Programs on One Site


Who’s ready to earn some money from multiple affiliate programs on one site, and that too, from the comfort of their own home?

In this post, we explain how to use Shopper.com to sign up for multiple affiliate programs on one site and start making money online! You can watch the complete shopper.com review video via the youtube link below –


00:00:14 Intro 

00:00:57 What is affiliate marketing? 

00:01:43 How do affiliate marketing programs work? 

00:01:59 Difference between an affiliate program and an affiliate network 

00:02:57 Introduction to Shopper.com 

00:04:33 Shopper.com affiliate network benefits 

00:05:01 Add unlimited products and collections 

00:06:02 Adding custom affiliate links 

00:07:41 Adding Products to Collections 

00:08:15 Improve SEO optimization 

00:08:55 Add coupon codes or discounts 

00:09:09 Using Shopper Chrome extension 

00:09:33 Benefits of a Premium Shopper account. 

00:10:17 Using the shopper.com Affiliate Dashboard 

00:10:48 How to promote the products of your affiliate network 

00:11:35 Conclusion

Hello, my name is Tarunabh Dutta, and I’m a professional filmmaker with over fifteen years of experience in the industry who has just started with affiliate marketing. I’ve been in the industry long enough to know that affiliate marketing can be a good source of income for anyone who wants to make money online and is passionate about sharing their opinions or knowledge about products with others.

But it’s not just about sharing ideas; it’s also about making money! And now you’re probably wondering: “How do I get started?” This post will tell you everything you need to know on how to earn money using multiple affiliate programs on one site using shopper.com.

What is affiliate marketing?

As a business owner, you can earn money by promoting the products or services of other companies. Promoting affiliate offers is done by putting links or banners on your website, blog, or social media profile. The more visitors you send to their website, the more money you make!

There are many different ways to use affiliate marketing effectively and strategically to earn more money. But before starting to earn affiliate commissions, you must sign up and get approval to join the affiliate program of every company or website you want to participate in as an affiliate marketer. One of the easiest and best ways to join multiple affiliate programs on one site is by signing up and opening a free or paid account on shopper.com.

How Do Affiliate Marketing Programs Work?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Multiple affiliate Programs on One Site

Joining an affiliate program:

It is essential to know the difference between an affiliate program and an affiliate network. An affiliate program offers sellers an online advertising platform to promote their products, while an affiliate network lets advertisers advertise on multiple sites. In other words, an affiliate network allows advertisers to advertise on more than one website at once.

An affiliate partner promotes a specific product or service for a company in exchange for earning commissions when customers click through the link in their advertisement and purchase from its website or application. An “affiliate partner network” refers to a group of affiliates (individuals) who work together under one banner (the umbrella of their chosen brand).

These networks don’t have direct control over their affiliates’ businesses. Instead, they act as middlemen so that companies can easily find new partners in their industry without looking for them themselves. This way, both companies, and consumers can benefit from better deals offered by different people on different platforms online because there’s no longer just one place where these deals are located. Instead, they’re spread across many various sites.

Multiple affiliate programs on one site

What is shopper.com?

Shopper.com is an affiliate marketing network that supports thousands of advertisers who need to sell products through digital advertising. Shopper.com also allows a user to set up a free online store specially designed for finding and promoting affiliate products for free. And here comes the best part. Shopper.com enables affiliate marketers to start earning money by directly signing up for multiple affiliate programs on one site without having to worry about setting up multiple accounts for each program you join. After that, you can start earning affiliate commissions every time a user clicks on one of your links.

Why should you use shopper.com?

shopper.com has some great features that make it a user-friendly platform and an excellent tool for affiliates.

  • It’s easy to use: The site’s clean design and easy-to-navigate layout make it easy to quickly find products, affiliate programs, and new opportunities.
  • It is a fantastic place to discover new products: When you sign up for Shopper, you gain access to all of the products in their already-extensive database and daily additions from around the world. This provides you with an infinite number of products to promote in your campaigns without searching elsewhere online or offline!
  • It can help you find new affiliate networks: Shopper has a dedicated section where they list their partners’ offers; there is no need to search around websites trying to decipher what each one does before committing yourself into promoting/partnering with them.”
Multiple affiliate Programs on One Site

How to use shopper.com?

If you’re an affiliate marketer or someone who’s new to the affiliate space and looking for ways to make money online, then this is your lucky day!

We’re going over everything from creating a store and profile on Shopper.com, adding links and coupon codes to products so that customers can purchase them at their own convenience (and at discounted rates), and promoting those affiliate items on social media, blogs, and email lists so that more people will learn about them—and ultimately buy them—and driving leads through adverts like Facebook ads (if applicable).

Now, this isn’t going to be a super-technical video, but it will give you a good idea of how the site works and what it’s all about. So let’s get started!

Create a Shopper Profile and Store

First thing’s first: let’s get started with creating your account.

You’ll need to create a shopper profile; This will give you access to all the tools you need for creating your online affiliate store and promoting affiliate links by joining multiple affiliate programs on one site.

Sign up for multiple affiliate programs on one site

Then, when you are finished creating your store, make sure you add products from different affiliate programs so that you can promote multiple things at once.

Add unlimited products and collections.

Shopper allows users to add unlimited product links, automatically fetching product images and Titles. Shopper automatically converts the product links into affiliate ones, provided that the source website is part of Shopper’s affiliate network. This opens the doors for the users to qualify for affiliate programs automatically and also earn commissions for each sale done through the affiliate links. Thus shopper.com helps to earn money from multiple affiliate programs on one site. Shopper takes a generous cut from the affiliate commission earned by the user. For free accounts, Shopper takes 15%, and for premium accounts, the Shopper takes 10% of the total commission made.

Multiple affiliate Programs on One Site

Adding custom affiliate links and deals.

Shopper allows users to connect their own Amazon affiliate account via the ‘Localization’ section of the settings panel. If you already have an approved Amazon affiliate program, you can manually add your Amazon Associate ID to your shopper account, after which Shopper will automatically grab and generate the unique affiliate link tracker. If you have multiple Amazon affiliate accounts from different countries, you may add the tracking code, and your users will be immediately redirected to the country from which they made their purchase.

In addition to Amazon, you can manually add your own affiliate links, and in the majority of situations, Shopper will automatically grab the product image and title from the link source.

There is also the option to manually add a custom deal, which may be a limited-time offer, and the link’s expiration date can be customized.

So, when a visitor clicks an affiliate link, the link leaves a cookie that is valid for 30 to 90 days, depending on the store’s website policy. Amazon’s cookie validity is limited to 24 hours.

During that timeframe, if a buyer purchases other products also without logging out, the affiliate user will receive the commission for the entire order. If the buyer adds 100 different products to the shopping cart, the user will receive a commission for all of them.

Adding Products to Collections

Now that you have learned how to add products, let me explain how you can bring in better efficiency and discipline by adding collections to your shopper store page.

In a collection, numerous product links are grouped together. While editing a product link’s details, we have the option of adding the product to a single or several collections. This contributes to improved organization and categorization of the many different types of products that are displayed in the store. Currently, Shopper only offers a single store page, but they have future plans to launch multiple web pages for a single store.

Improve SEO optimization of the store page

Specific procedures must be taken in order to boost the store page’s position in Google search results and its SEO score.

While editing the profile, we should begin by writing a descriptive summary of the store, just like a meta description and briefly describing the types of products or deals offered. Following that, we should include extensive information on each and every new product, as well as a description of each new collection added to the store.

We may take it a step further and design a full-fledged blog site for your chosen niche, embedding products from your shopper store in each blog post after carefully selecting and filtering all relevant products and discounts.

Shopper has the ability to track broken links in real-time and provides instant notification anytime a link expires or becomes invalid, which is highly useful for keeping all links updated and active.

Select the product you want to promote and add coupon codes or discounts to it.

You can also add coupon codes or discounts to the product(s) you’re promoting in order to incentivize and encourage people to buy them from your website/blog instead of somewhere else online (or offline).

There is also a shopper chrome extension, which is absolutely free, and what it does is display coupons and discounts that are currently accessible, as well as automatically apply coupons after testing numerous coupons sequentially to determine which one provides the most significant savings. Although coupons may not always be valid, if they are, the affiliate marketer will receive a modest commission for every successful sale.

Benefits of a premium shopper account

The benefits of a Shopper premium account include the ability to connect your own unique domain, brand logo, and storefront. Additionally, you can add three team members to administer and add products to the affiliate marketplace.

API access is also included with a premium account. Therefore, if you desire a more advanced level of automation, you can do so.

If you have a team, you can add an unlimited number of products. Clicks and traffic are limitless, so there are no constraints to worry about.

As a premium user, you can customize the layout theme, colors, and logo of your store page.

Once that’s done, it’s time to promote your affiliate items by sharing them on social media, blogs or email lists. You can also use advertisement platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google AdSense etc. These platforms allow you to generate leads for your website/blog, which will help generate sales for your site/blog and earn money from the sale of that particular product from their site via advertisements (if applicable).

Multiple affiliate Programs on One Site

Choosing the best niche for your blog or website and yourself

  • Choose the best niche for your blog or website and yourself.
  • Choose the topics of your website, which can be anything you like
  • You are actively involved in writing articles related to affiliate programs on Shopper if you wish to earn money through affiliate marketing.
  • Make sure that the information provided by this article is easy to understand and easy to implement into practice.

How to choose affiliate products?

Choosing the right affiliate products is an essential step in becoming a successful affiliate marketer. There are many factors that you should consider when deciding on which products to promote, including:

  • High conversion rate – The conversion rate (conversion rate) of a product is the percentage of visitors who purchase after visiting your website. If a particular product has high demand but a low conversion rate, it may still be worth promoting because the number of sales per visitor can still be strong enough to justify promoting it.
  • Relevance – You want to choose products relevant to your audience and accessible for them to understand and use. If not, they might not buy or even click on them! For example, if someone visits my site looking for fashion advice, then I wouldn’t recommend showing them financial services offers as this will only confuse people and make them leave before finishing reading their article about how the best shoes match different outfits 🙂

How to generate reports and keep track of the affiliate program?

  • Use the affiliate dashboard to keep track of the multiple affiliate programs on one site.
  • Use the affiliate dashboard to generate reports.
  • You can use this report to see the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns, and also you can use it as a guide when you want to promote a particular product or service.

Known Issues and bugs with shopper.com

There are a few issues with the current version of shopper.com. In some rare occasions, while you are customizing the store page, you might not be able to open or edit the collections by clicking on them. In such cases, you should clear the cache by heading to the settings of the browser. I use a chrome plugin called ‘Clear Cache’ for this reason.
Additionally, while adding custom Amazon affiliate links, Shopper might not be able to automatically fetch the product images and title. This problem comes when you have inserted your own Amazon Associate id to the ‘Localization’ section of the settings page. If the problem persist, then manually remove the Amazon Associate id. Thereafter, clear the browser cache.  Once you finished clearing the cache, then hop over to Amazon website and copy the entire affiliate link (not the shortened url) from your ‘Amazon Associates SiteStripe‘ bar at the top of the page, or from your Affiliate dashboard, and paste it as a new product. If you follow these steps, then Shopper should be able to fetch the product image and title by default, and also add the product URL as a custom affiliate link.

How to promote the products of your affiliate network?

There are many ways to promote the products of your affiliate network. You can use:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Website
  • Blog (you can also use this as a place to promote your brand)
  • Forum (if you have a discussion on your site or even if you don’t)
  • Video marketing (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Content marketing is another way to market the affiliate products you promote on your website. Content marketing involves creating content around a particular product or service and promoting it across various platforms like social media channels and blogs. The aim here is to create awareness about the product and increase sales for its manufacturer/vendor. Some other types of content marketing are

Affiliate marketing, which is when you sell someone else’s products through your online store, * and Blogger outreach, which is when you write articles for other websites and mention the product’s name when it’s relevant.

Influencer marketing is when people with many followers promote particular brands or services by talking about them in their posts or tweets on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. This has led to celebrities promoting certain brands even though they have nothing to do with them.

Final Steps on How to earn money using Multiple affiliate programs on one site using shopper.com

Now that we’ve got everything set up on Shopper.com, it’s time to start making some money! This isn’t just an opportunity for beginners looking to make money online—it’s also perfect for experienced affiliates who want an easier way to manage their affiliate marketing efforts.

As we discussed initially, Shopper.com has been excellent support for me and many other affiliates as it provides an easy and user-friendly platform to earn money from multiple affiliate programs on one site. The number of affiliate programs it supports is enormous and growing every day. So if you want to start making money with affiliate marketing, I would strongly recommend Shopper.com for affiliates who want to get started with affiliate marketing but don’t want to waste their time evaluating multiple options when it comes to an affiliate network.

If you want more information on making money with affiliate marketing, feel free to ask us any questions in the comments below!

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