How to survey your audience using Qwary

Tarunabh Dutta

Tarunabh Dutta

how to survey your audience

How to survey your audience using Qwary

To see an example of how Qwary can be used for creating surveys in different subjects, check out TD Film Studio‘s video above –

Qwary is a survey tool that helps you find out what your audience likes, dislikes, wants more of, doesn’t want any more of. Using Qwary to search and analyze how customers feel about your company or product is one way to improve how it performs in the market. This article will focus on how to design surveys for different audiences using Qwary and how this can help you make better business decisions. Do you want to know how to create the best survey questions using Qwary? Read on to find how you can create your own effective survey.

how to survey your audience

1. What is Qwary and how does it work?

Qwary is an online survey tool that uses web or mobile-based surveys to collect data. Qwary is an online tool that allows users to create their own surveys for free based on any topic on which they want information. To enter a survey, participants can click through links shared via email or social media according to their preferences given when signing up. When creating a new survey, the creator can choose how they want their questions to be displayed using a multiple-choice set of answers. Before using Qwary, you must understand how to ask people to take a survey and how to survey customers to help you get the most out of your survey.

Qwary has some readymade templates to guide you on how to make a survey for your business, and provides some of the best marketing survey questions to help you to collect data from your audience. The survey templates and marketing questions are grouped into different categories such as how customers feel about the company (brand awareness, how they rate the value of products or services, how likely they would recommend you), how loyal customers are to a particular business, how people think about competitors, how satisfied users are with the service and usability of a product or website.

2. Why use Qwary to survey your customers?

Qwary is a good way to survey how your customers or audience feels about your product or how well you are doing in the market. Different surveys can be created for different audiences (ie: Co-workers, staff, customers). Surveys can be created with multiple options of answers and groups.  If you have questions regarding specific topics that come up regularly, they can be added as separate choice types so that next time when creating a new survey, these choices will already exist to save time.

You can also share individual surveys via social media or email links and get instant results from people who are interested in taking part in your survey. When viewing detailed reports after a survey has been completed, you’ll see how many times each answer was chosen. This can help you find out how your audience likes or dislikes a certain feature of your product or how it has been performing in the market since their last visit. In addition, if you have multiple questions for each survey (for example: how many times did they visit your website and how likely are they to come back again), Qwary allows you to see how they answered these individual questions so that you don’t need to create additional surveys for each question.

Qwary is also one of the best way to ask survey questions for how to survey your audience as it allows you to add how many times each answer option was chosen. By counting how many times a certain feature or page of your product have been clicked can help you find out how users are interacting with your product or how well your business is doing.

3. How can you get started with surveying your audience using Qwary

Using Qwary is as easy as a pie to design an online marketing survey questionnaire.

Here are the steps you need to take:

1) Sign up on Qwary

2) Select how many questions you want to ask your target market

3) Design your survey with images, texts, graphs, and other elements

4) Publish your survey online

5) Share your survey link with people and get their responses in real-time. You can also send the link by email, add it to social media or embed it on your website.

Also let me tell you how to ask for contact information in a survey using Qwary. Just click the ‘Contact Info’ option on the question page of your survey and provide how many characters should be used for the name field, how many digits for phone number (if applicable) and how much characters you need for email address field in case it’s required.

Users can also answer a survey without giving contact information by clicking ‘Skip Contact Info’.

Additional Notes to Designing Surveys:  In order to create an effective survey, there are some things that you need to keep in mind while designing it:

– Try to present only one idea or topic per question. You can use images or other elements in your questions to help direct how people view the answers more clearly.

4. What are the best features of Qwary that make it a great tool for surveying an audience?

Qwary is very easy and quick to setup. Your first survey can be ready within 5 minutes of signing up on the platform. The best part is that you don’t need any survey software or other advanced features to create your own surveys – all you need is a computer/laptop, an internet connection and a webcam if required. You’ll see how fast it’s possible when creating the survey questions for how they are displayed using images, graphs etc., how many times each answer option was selected by users while taking the survey as well as how many times each answer was clicked prior to them finishing filling out the entire form.

On Qwary , you can create multiple choice answers to your survey questions. These are the most popular when creating surveys these days because it’s easier to answer how many times a certain answer option was selected by users after they have completed taking the survey.  For example: how many times did they visit your website in a given period of time? how likely are they to come back again? how satisfied were they with what you gave them? etc.

On Qwary, you can also use other types of question formats such as text boxes where users can write down their responses or open ended questions where users don’t have any restrictions on how they should enter their answers (ie comment section). This is useful if you want to ask how your audience feels about certain topics or how they think you can improve your product.  You can also add additional comments or notes to each question in case you need to include more information for them to read before answering the survey questions.

One of my favorite features on Qwary is the ability to share the survey with others via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest. You can also send out emails with a survey link attached or embed it on your website so that users have access from any device capable of accessing the internet – whether desktop computer, laptop, tablet phone etc. This makes surveying very easy because I don’t need to worry too much if only so many people are using a certain device but how likely they are to actually take the survey.

5. How can Qwary help in getting others to respond to the survey?

In addition to making surveys easier and faster to create, Qwary also makes it more convenient for users who want to have access to how they should fill out the form and how often they’ll be receiving a reminder before their given deadline.  When surveying your audience or customers, you will need them to provide you with feedback about how satisfied they were after purchasing what you’re selling or how much more likely they would purchase again if there’s an improved option available.  This is where reminders come in handy because you can set how many days before that matter expires (ie data validity, how many times they visited your website, how long was their customer session on your site, etc.) and how many reminders you want to send out before then.

There are also options on how the reminder emails should be sent (ie daily, weekly or monthly) as well as what text message content/body of the email should include so that users will go back to your survey and complete it.  You can also choose how often a reminder should be sent for each user by checking their responses prior to answering the survey questions as well as how long after they’ve completed taking the survey that they’ll receive another reminder about submitting their feedback. You may want them to wait a day or two before resending out another reminder because you want them to really think about how they feel about your product or how likely it is that they’ll return.  Having reminders allows you to have more responses which gives you all the data you need to help improve your product or make suggestions on how you can give your customers/audience what they are looking for in a better way.

If there are questions that still need answering but the survey has expired, Qwary will send out an email to everyone who hasn’t answered it yet with a link where they can still access and finish filling out the survey. You may be asking yourself how do I prevent this from happening? how can I make sure people don’t see the survey again after it’s expired?  It’s simple, set how long a survey will be available for your audience to access. I recommend setting up your surveys to only have them for 5-6 days and then they automatically expire so that users don’t continue seeing reminders about how their answers are needed because it can become very irritating.

5. What are the cons or limitations of using Qwary?

When creating a survey on Qwary, it may appear very simplistic for how many options you have and how little time it takes to make what you want.  However, there are some limitations that should be considered when surveying how your audience feels about your product or service.

The first limitation is the length of how long a survey can be made; I recommend not making surveys longer than 10 questions because if it becomes too lengthy, users will become frustrated with how long they have been taking to answer the questions or how much information they are needing to provide as well as discourage them from participating further in the survey. When asking multiple-choice questions, you might also consider having additional comments underneath each question so that users can provide more information. I know how annoying it can be when you are reading to answer a question and then afterward you’re able to write more information about how they really feel.

The other limitation is how many answer options your survey should have; the more choices you give, the less accurate the results will be for how likely people are to choose one over another unless all of the answers were very similar in meaning. Also, if you do keep track of how many times each option is chosen, think about how that may affect how the overall data comes out. For example on an online survey where sellers are selling their products, a buyer might choose ‘yes’ because they liked something but only gave 3 stars as opposed to saying how much they liked it by giving 4 or 5 stars.  If you have the same choices with how many stars to give, it creates a bias towards how much information they are providing and how likely they are going to tell how much of an impact that item had on them. You should also consider how clear each item is in how it’s asking what you want to know because having multiple-worded or unclear questions may result in more people choosing ‘other’ as an answer or not answering at all.

6. How would I apply Qwary survey tool in my own business?

When choosing which tool to create surveys, pick the one that gets results and best serves the purposes of your company.  I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t use this tool if you’re looking for feedback from your audience/customers about how satisfied they are with your product/service or how you can improve how you do business.  When using Qwary, you should be specific about how much detail and information you would like to know from your customers and how many answers are available for them to choose from.  You may also want to consider how fast you need the results because if it’s an immediate matter then how quickly those responses come in will be more relevant than getting a lot of responses at once. If there is something that comes up often among answers that some users make but they all don’t agree on the same thing, then rather than asking your audience how they feel about it, I’d recommend making suggestions for what other changes or improvements can be made instead.

Once you have gathered all of your data , looking at how many people chose each answer can help determine how to be successful in answering how your audience feels about a specific subject.  However, it’s important to remember that how you interpret those statistics should be based on how much data you have collected and how accurate the results are.

Think of Qwary as a very easy survey tool used to create simple questions with multiple-choice answers or a combination of multiple choice and write-in style questions. I actually found this tool when looking for an easy way to make surveys about how customers feel about my products as well as wanting feedback from what they would like changed or improved upon.  I used it again when wanting feedback about how to advertise my business and I also used it for asking how people learning English would like to improve their listening skills.

After doing a lot of research into how other businesses should use survey tools, Qwary seemed like a great option because it’s not something that you have to create yourself and there isn’t any importing you need to do. In addition, it has all of the features needed for creating surveys/questionnaires on how customers feel about your products or services as well as how they want them improved upon.  It’s also very simple to understand how each question works and how many answer options are available. Another important thing about this tool is how easy it is to customize how the survey looks and how you want it to work.  I’m going to show you how I customized my survey about how customers feel about my products if you want more information on how that was created or how to edit how a survey looks then click here!

I hope this has helped in getting you started with using Qwary as an effective way of surveying your audience or customers. If you have any suggestions on how else we could improve our survey tool or how we could make the overall experience better, contact us at tdstudio.tarunabh@gmail.com . We’re always listening!

You’re done! Wasn’t that easy, eh? Now go, create your own articles and link them up with us. You’ll get massive traffic coming into your website and tons of shares!

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