Why Filmmakers Should Be More Committed To Their Craft

Tarunabh Dutta

Tarunabh Dutta


Filmmaking has changed a lot in the past decade, and with it, the way that people consume media. In the digital age, almost everyone can create content, even if they are not trained or experienced professionals. There are more than a billion people on YouTube, who create content every day. There are thousands of websites, which serve as online magazines every day. The growth of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has also led to the creation of tons of high-quality pieces of content (of variable nature).

However, a lot of this content ends up not being very different from what you may have already seen before. This is why it becomes necessary for filmmakers to be open to new ideas and innovations that could help them get better in their craft.

Get Rid of Mediocre Content

This is a wonderful time to be a filmmaker because the options are endless. Younger filmmakers have grown up finding content on YouTube or other platforms. They have learned so much by watching and analyzing content made by others. Even though they may not realize it, they have been developing their skillset at the same time. This generation of filmmakers is already doing something right and there are a few signs that we will see some great films in the near future.  But it’s important to realize that although you may be drawn towards filmmaking, you still must work hard to become good at the craft.

We live in an era where content is being created by almost everyone.

Be it a student, a housewife, or a struggling actor — anyone can create content and post it on the internet to gain instant fame.

But the problem with such an environment is that it leads to a lot of mediocrity.

This tendency towards mediocrity also affects filmmakers.

Though there are many great filmmakers who are constantly trying new things and experimenting with the medium, there are many others who choose to follow stereotypes.

In recent times, the tendency to avoid risk and stick with tried and tested formulas has increased. If a certain style of video blogging or music video style or festival favorable film or tv soap serial is attracting viewers, then the majority of content creators prefer repeating that trend, rather than exploring new ideas.

In such cases, it is hard for the audience to choose between them because they’re all so similar!

Why Are Directors & Producers So Concerned With Money Nowadays?

The directors get too involved in thinking about what is going to happen if this movie doesn’t do good at the box office. The directors are more focused on getting more money from their movies than making something meaningful to watch. They feel like they have to make a blockbuster or else their career as a filmmaker will be over.

The producers are more interested in making money off their investments than actually producing quality films that people want to see. They have become greedy because they know that if they don’t make enough profit then there will never be another blockbuster movie made again by them and thus no one else will ever hire them again for anything other than commercials (which is why many actors/actresses start doing commercials instead).

The studios are so concerned about getting bigger budgets and bigger stars attached to projects that they’re willing to sacrifice any story or character development in order to achieve these things. This results in movies being made with no substance whatsoever just so they can sell tickets at theaters or get streamed or broadcasted in bulk quantity on the television or any OTT platform.

That is why it is important for filmmakers to break the stereotype and introduce new content that people have never seen before.

Take Creative Risks For Better Movies


Filmmakers are not just storytellers; they are also visual artists who are capable of bringing their stories to life through the use of cinematography, editing, lighting, sound design, and other visual elements.

As filmmakers, we need to think outside the box and try new things with our films! We have to push ourselves creatively so that our work stands out from others in the industry. This can only happen if we’re willing to take risks by pushing boundaries of what’s expected or accepted within our genre(s) and/or styles of filmmaking.

The only way forward for a filmmaker is to be open towards new ideas and new innovations while constantly trying to do something different with the craft (even if it means failing occasionally). Filmmakers should not be afraid to try new things or experiment with the medium.

Make Your Films Stand Out From The Crowd

Many of us have had the experience of watching a new film and being impressed with a particular scene. It could be the way the camera moves, or how the lighting is done, the selection of music, or something else about it that just catches our attention and makes us want to watch more.

This is because we’ve seen similar scenes before, but not quite like this one! A new angle on an old subject often has that effect on people because there’s something familiar about it but also something unfamiliar. We’re amazed at how creative filmmakers can be with their artistry while still delivering a fresh look at something we’ve seen countless times before.

Filmmaking is like a river. It will stagnate if it doesn’t flow and journey on. If we are not ready to take risks and innovate, then there is no point in creating content at all.

How To Be A Successful Filmmaker Without Reinventing The Wheel

The problem nowadays is that the content world is too saturated with new releases, and this is especially true for the digital medium. As soon as one show ends, another one begins, and so on. The audience has very little time to stay engaged with just one piece of content.

Given how fast the attention spans of millennials are shrinking, it is only natural for them to want new content every week or even day.

Filmmaking is an art form in which there aren’t any rules or guidelines on how to make a movie – except for one: Don’t copy someone else’s style! You’ll never find success if all you’re doing is trying to replicate others’ successes. It’s better off trying something new even if it doesn’t work out than repeating what others have done before us because there’s always another way of telling stories through film.

The best advice I can give for someone who’s trying to break into the industry is to find your own voice. No one wants to watch a movie that simply rehashes the same cliches, so don’t make derivative work if you want people to respect your artistry. Nobody wants to take a chance on an unproven filmmaker just because they look different from the norm, but if they like what they see, then a new director will have a shot at succeeding.



Filmmaking is a craft in which there are no rules and in which you can do anything you want. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so exhilarating to make films: because there’s nothing stopping you from trying to create something new. It may seem counterintuitive, but ideas don’t come along every day; they are difficult to come by precisely because they’ve not been executed before. Even so, if you try to imitate the work of others, your film will never be original—and that’s what makes filmmaking an exciting art form to participate in.

Being a rule-breaker who isn’t afraid to take risks will be incredibly beneficial to you as a filmmaker. Through this, however, you must maintain your own style and vision. Even if all movies were to go digital, there will always be an audience for them as long as storytellers have something new to say and a unique style for them to say it in.

My overall aim is to encourage other aspiring filmmakers out there: trust your instinct, be passionate and committed to your craft, and stick with it until you find success. Because you WILL find success – it might not be the big break you want right now, but it will come if you keep at it. Smaller projects will lead to bigger ones if you give them time. So don’t get trapped in a cycle of repeating what others have done before—go out there and make something fresh for audiences!

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