Avataran Movie Screening In Guwahati University

Tarunabh Dutta

Tarunabh Dutta

Avataran Movie Screening In Guwahati University
Avataran Movie Screening In Guwahati University

6th Movie Screening of ‘Avataran‘ at the Guwahati University

Guwahati University, the oldest university in Assam, is a prestigious learning institution with a rich history. It is located at the heart of Guwahati city and has been serving students for over 74 years. On May 23, 2022, the sixth screening event of the film ‘Avataran‘ was conducted at the PD Seminar Hall within the Guwahati University campus, as part of our efforts to promote quality cinema in Assam.

Avataran Screening In Guwahati University

Avataran Movie Screening Tour

We had already organized five screenings prior to this. The first stop on our movie screening campaign was in Nalbari, and then we headed to Tihu. There is not a single movie theater in either of these two locations. After that, we made our way to Guwahati. The Sankardev Kalakshetra was the location of Guwahati’s very first premiere, which was followed immediately by the sixth movie screening event, which took place at Guwahati University and was a resounding success.

Avataran, the first Sci-Fi Assamese Film With An Important Message

The past decade has witnessed incredible scientific and technological advancements that have been beyond the realm of fiction for so long. Today, artificial intelligence has entered our lives in a big way, and scientists and researchers are actively working to discover new worlds beyond the ones we’ve already explored.

Avataran is an Assamese movie that addresses these new innovations and presents an ancient alien invasion and futuristic technology along with the environment, culture, and tradition of Assam. This original sci-fi work breaks the traditional barrier of the Assamese film industry to provide a different type of entertainment as is unseen before.

The effects used in Avataran make it particularly exceptional with realistic light, animation, cinematography, and visual effects. This film is not related to any religion or god. It is just a science fiction movie that teaches us how important it is to preserve our environment and save our planet from global warming so that we can live peacefully with our fellow creatures and protect them from extinction.

Avataran Screening In Guwahati University

Felicitation and Introduction to the film ‘Avataran

The film’s director and producer, Tarunabh Dutta, was felicitated by the students and introduced to the audience by Mr. Ankuran Dutta, the head of the department of mass communication. Mr. Ankuran Dutta mentioned the first Assamese film Joymoti. He talked about the inspiring story behind the making of the movie by legendary filmmaker Jyoti Prasad Agarwala. Both ‘Avataran’ and ‘Joymoti’ have pioneering aspects, he said.

According to him, since he had been following the film ‘Avataran’ for more than five years, he had been deeply impressed by the past achievements of Tarunabh Dutta and so he was confident that the plotline of Avataran and the visual effects of the film would be impressive and he would recommend the film for those interested.   

Avataran Screening In Guwahati University

At the opening of the event, the film’s director and producer, Tarunabh Dutta, introduced the film to the audience and spoke about the difficulties encountered during the nine-year production process. The filmmaker emphasized the innovative visual effects and 3D animation used and their long-term significance for the Assamese film industry.

The Audience’s Choice Avataran

The film received an overwhelming response from the audience. The film’s screening caused great excitement within the audience due to its innovative visual effects and 3D animation sequences – something previously unseen in this part of the country. Much has already been said about the film and its digital visual technology, but it was the story that kept the viewers engrossed.

Avataran Screening In Guwahati University

We were overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from the audience at every single turning point. This movie was a spectacular visual spectacle on the screen along with a gripping story that had the audience cheering and applauding. Especially impressive were the performances by the principal actors and child actors, Reema Kaif and Devyam Seal, who wowed the audience with their acting skills. Throughout the film, which lasted two hours and 30 minutes, the audience was hooked to the plot as the events unfolded. No one expected the evening’s movie screening to be so entertaining. 

Avataran Screening In Guwahati University

After watching Avataran, most of those present expressed their appreciation for this film, saying it was a groundbreaking work of art. Many praised its visual effects while others commended the music and sound effects used in the movie as well as its storyline and script.

Avataran – A New Era in Assamese Cinema

The event’s main purpose and objective were to raise awareness, engage the audience, receive favorable feedback, and establish a positive reputation. Through public screenings, especially in educational institutions and universities, we intend to attract and educate the younger generation.

Avataran Movie Screening In Guwahati University

This event has been arranged under the TD Film Studio banner, and we hope to continue this positive and constructive effort. We intend to screen the film throughout the state of Assam. The younger generation must understand that it is possible to produce such films independently with a limited budget and resources. Our film is not competing with the likes of Hollywood, Bollywood, or even South Indian cinema. It is an independent film completed on our own strength.

In Assam and the northeast region, Avataran has established a new benchmark for visual effects and 3D animation. Additionally, it is a pioneer of science fiction in Assam. We hope to pave the road for future science fiction filmmaking in Assamese cinema.

A Great Experience Hosting the Movie Screening Event

It was a great experience hosting the movie screening event at Guwahati University. We will be hosting this amazing film again in other colleges and universities. We are hoping we get the same overwhelming support wherever we exhibit this film.

Finally, I’d like to thank all our fans out there for their support. Without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to come this far! In the end, Avataran is a visually stunning movie guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat every minute. It’s a classic science fiction adventure story that will have you cheering and rooting for the good guys from start to finish. If you like epic fantasy movies with a touch of comedy, then this one is for you. With exciting plot twists and high-energy scenes, Avataran is about to hit the big screen near you, so make sure you catch it before it’s gone.

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