Assam tea : Watch TD Film Studio’s latest video to learn about Top 10 health benefits of Assam tea

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Tarunabh Dutta

assam tea

Assam Tea : Top 10 Health Benefits

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Assam tea : Learn about the top 10 health benefits

Assam tea

First things first, for those who don’t know about it, Assam tea is a type of black tea that originated in the Assam region of northeast India. Assam is an ancient tea-growing region in India with a rich history dating back thousands of years. It was originally grown in the Brahmaputra Valley by local tribes who would drink their brews as part of their daily rituals and ceremonies. It’s an Indian black tea that has been formally cultivated in the region since 1838.

A tea plantation is a place where the tea plant starts its journey as a sapling. From this point onwards, it is carefully tended to by human hands. It takes about two years for a plant to grow into an organic bush which can be harvested after another year or so. After that, the plant’s fresh leaves are plucked for processing and then dried under shade so that moisture content reduces to about 4%. They are spread on large trays to dry them naturally for about three days until they turn yellowish-brown. This helps maintain their freshness and flavor until it’s ready for packaging and distribution.

These dried leaves need to be sorted out to remove any broken pieces or twigs that might have been mixed up while drying. These processed leaf particles are sorted according to their size and shape before being crumbled into small pieces and graded. The next step involves rolling the dried leaves to release more flavor before they are boiled. This boiling releases a dark brown color but also removes some tannins from the leaves. After straining this liquid from the leaf pieces, it is cooled down before being packed up as either loose-leaf or bagged as whole leaf tea before packaging to sell in stores worldwide!\

I know we all want a way to stay healthy in this fast-paced world, so TD Film Studio has put together some fun facts about the benefits of drinking Assam tea! So keep reading because now it’s time for me to tell you everything you never knew before about this incredible drink called Assam tea! In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best ways that Assam tea can help you live a healthier life!

Assam tea

1. Lower Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels with Assam Tea

Assam tea can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes due to the polyphenols it contains. The secret is in the catechins found in green teas like this, which have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose regulation. Now that’s something worth drinking up for!

Assam tea has been shown to contain some of the highest amounts of polyphenols which are natural compounds found in plants such as fruits and vegetables containing powerful antioxidants that help fight off and neutralize free radicals before they can damage healthy tissue or DNA. This makes them a staple in many diets worldwide due to their high nutritional value and benefits associated with preventing diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

2. Prevent Cancer Cells from forming with Assam Tea

Tea lovers, rejoice! The antioxidants in Assam tea have been shown to prevent cancer cells from forming. Cancer cells are formed when the body’s natural defense system is disrupted. Antioxidants in tea, like Assam tea, have been shown to prevent this disruption and help inhibit cancer cell formation. This means that people who drink high quantities of Assam tea every day may be less likely to get cancer! Studies show that a compound called epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG) has anti-cancer properties and can inhibit tumor growth in animal models for many types of cancer, including breast, prostate, skin, and colon cancers.

These compounds also stimulate the immune system, which protects against infections such as colds or flu. Studies have found that drinking four cups per day of black tea is associated with a 40% reduction in risk for cancer. These findings are a promising step towards preventing cancer as well as slowing down its progression among people who already have it. So Drink your tea! It’s good for you!

3. Drink Assam tea to lower blood pressure

Do you often feel stressed? Do you have high blood pressure? If so, then it may be time to consider changing your morning beverage. Assam tea has been found to lower blood pressure and increase artery dilation, thus improving circulation.

Nowadays, our lifestyles have become far too sedentary with many hours spent sitting at desks or on couches watching TV, using mobile phones or laptops, instead of being active, so it comes as no surprise that cases of high blood pressure are on the rise. Studies have shown that those who drank an average of two cups each day for six months had significant decreases in their systolic and diastolic blood pressures. Such people have also shown improvements in arterial elasticity, which helps with circulation. So Assam Tea is a great choice for those looking to do some preventative care.

4. Assam tea: the healthiest way to boost your immune system

Assam tea helps in boosting the immune system by protecting your cells from damage caused by free radicals! The plant catechins present in the leaves have antimicrobial properties that can act as an effective shield against bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms. Every year, more and more people take on the challenge of boosting their immune systems naturally. And with good reason!

Diseases such as colds and flu can be life-threatening. There are several different ways that you can keep your immune system strong without having to resort to medication or supplements. One great way is by adding Assam tea into your daily routine. It helps stimulate the production of white blood cells, which helps boost immune system function by fighting off infection-causing agents such as bacteria and viruses. Drink up! You’ll feel better soon enough!

5. For healthy skin and shiny hair, drink Assam tea

We all want clear skin, shiny hair, fresh breath, and Assam tea can be the answer you’ve been looking for. Assam tea is a great antioxidant for healthy skin and hair. It helps fight acne, aging, wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging while also being rich in vitamins that are beneficial to your health.

Assam tea is a natural remedy against hair loss. It also helps nourish your follicles so you can grow strong, shiny hair, which makes it an all-in-one beauty drink! So if you’re looking for some natural remedies to improve your looks – including beautiful skin and shiny, voluminous hair- try drinking more Assam Tea today onwards!

6. Lose weight easier with Assam tea

With obesity rates rising, many people are looking for ways to lose weight without sacrificing their lifestyle. You’ve been going to the gym, eating healthier and drinking water every day for weeks now, but you’re still not seeing any results. It’s time to try something new! Losing weight is hard, but not impossible. One way to do it naturally and effectively is by drinking Assam tea.

Tannins present in the tea help increase metabolism and reduce appetite to lose weight with ease! The more tannin you ingest, the better your body will process carbohydrates. In fact, experts say that drinking Assam tea regularly can increase your metabolic rate by up to 20%. That means you’ll burn more calories throughout the day – even when at rest! If you’re looking for a natural alternative to dieting, then Assam tea might be one of the best solutions for you without relying on expensive supplements or diet plans.

7. Drink Assam tea to boost mental focus and reduce stress

How would you like to feel more alert, less tired, and have reduced stress levels? Some people believe in the power of herbs more than anything else when relieving stress or feelings of depression. The problem is that these types of remedies take quite a bit longer before they start working on someone who needs relief right away. Luckily there is a herbal remedy for those times when you need quick relief in the form of Assam Tea.

The caffeine in the tea helps reduce fatigue and tiredness. It also increases energy levels because of its stimulant effect on the central nervous system. The L theanine content in the tea boosts alpha waves in your brain, producing a calm feeling that will help reduce feelings of stress. The caffeine found in the leaves of this plant gives you an extra boost without the jitters or stomach upset some people experience with coffee.

Studies have shown that it can reduce your levels of stress hormones when taken as directed over several weeks and cause improvements in mood. Whether you’re looking for relief from physical pain or mental exhaustion, Assam tea may be your answer!

8. Drink Assam tea to improve energy levels, mental focus, and sleep better

It’s not uncommon to feel sluggish, tired, and unfocused. Who doesn’t want more energy? But sometimes, the levels of mental fatigue are so high that it’s difficult to do anything productive. This is when Assam tea comes into play! The catechins in Assam tea have many benefits, including powering up your body’s energy production, increasing mental focus and concentration, and helping you sleep better.

The caffeine in this type of tea boosts your mental alertness and improves memory retention while also helping you feel more energized throughout the day. It also contains potent brain-boosting compounds like L theanine, which is found naturally in green tea. This helps promote relaxation without drowsiness or anxiety. Plus, if you drink Assam tea before bedtime, it could be just what your doctor ordered for better sleep quality with less tossing and turning at night time. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed like never before!

9. Assam tea is a natural remedy for arthritis and pain relief

If you are a person who has been suffering from arthritis for many years and has tried all the medication in the book, it is time to consider natural remedies. One of these natural remedies that can help your condition is Assam tea, which is a natural remedy for people who are suffering from arthritis or inflammatory conditions.

Polyphenols found in this type of tea help reduce inflammation and relieve pain associated with these conditions. Many people drink it to prevent joint problems. You don’t need a prescription or any complicated treatment – just drink at least one cup of Assam tea every day!

10. Enjoy a cup of natural, organic & delicious Assam tea everyday!

And best of all? Drinking Assam tea every day is delicious and satisfying. Some people drink it hot while others prefer it cold or with milk. Assam tea is one type of Indian tea made from dark-brown leaves with a strong taste and an astringent aftertaste that many people enjoy. It’s perfect for someone who likes bold tastes like coffee or espresso! So next time you’re craving a warm drink early in the morning or as a breakfast, try satisfying your thirst with a cup of Assam!

So that will be all for today.

With so many benefits to drinking Assam tea, it’s no wonder that Assam tea is one of the most popular beverage drinks worldwide. This article has given you some of the best reasons why it’s beneficial to drink this delicious and healthy beverage. Have you tried any of these benefits? Let us know in the comments below!
In fact, we’ve created an informative video about how TD Film Studio incorporates Assam Tea into our lifestyle – take a look at what we came up with here –

In this video, we have some fun facts about how drinking Assam tea can improve your life in ways big and small- from preventing diabetes to helping with weight loss goals (and everything else on our list). Give it a watch then come back to see what other ways we think Assam tea can improve your life!

The benefits of drinking Assam tea are far-reaching and wide-ranging. It can help you avoid many diseases, boost your immune system, improve your energy levels and mental focus, all while making a delicious drink that’s perfect for any occasion. With so many reasons to enjoy this type of tea, it’s hard not to mention how wonderful addition it is to anyone’s life!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a cup of delicious Assam tea today!
If you want to learn more or find out how TD Film Studio can design an incredible video for your business, feel free to contact us at any time! We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon and seeing what we can do together in helping your brand grow through our videos.

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