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TD Film Studio is a comprehensive film production company that provides a wide range of services such as film production, VFX, animation, graphics design, portfolio and photoshoots, video showreels, music videos, commercial ads, and acting classes. At Alcheringa 2023 in IIT Guwahati, TD Film Studio made a lasting impression by showcasing its mission and introducing its first science fiction film of Assam, “Avataran.” 

In this blog, we will look at the benefits provided by TD Film Studio at Alcheringa 2023, a massive event aimed at empowering and educating creative artists. With services ranging from portfolio services to acting classes, TD Film Studio has something for everyone, from actors to singers, dancers, models, and designers. 

At TD Film Studio, we understand the crucial role of a professional portfolio in an artist’s career, which is why we offer a range of opportunities to help creative artists take their skills to the next level. Our goal is to help artists succeed in their field by giving them the tools, support, and exposure they need. 

Our offer includes a high-quality photoshoot portfolio and video showreel, a free three-day on-screen acting workshop taught by professionals in the field, and the chance to be featured on international stock websites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images. Also, winners get a free premium membership on, a talent-for-hire directory that connects artists with industry professionals, free premium web hosting for their profile and portfolio with the ability to upload and preview HD and 4K photos and videos, and a professional, SEO-optimized bio-data resume. 

Alcheringa 2023 was a huge success, and TD Film Studio was proud to sponsor it. The event gave us a chance to show off our services and projects. Students and artists who want to learn more about what TD Film Studio has to offer went to the event. 

As part of our sponsorship, we offered incentives and prizes to the winners of 12 different competition categories with the aim of empowering and educating creative artists. Our presence at multiple venues was well-received by the crowds and helped to introduce the noble objectives of TD Film Studio and its first science fiction film of Assam ‘Avataran’ to a wider audience. 

We are grateful to Alcheringa’s organizers for their support and promotion of our endeavors and for making the event a grand success. TD Film Studio successfully concluded Alcheringa 2023 by providing numerous benefits to the competition’s winners and connecting with the creative community. 

In this article, we will highlight these benefits.

Professional Portfolio: 

One of the key benefits of winning Alcheringa 2023 is the professional portfolio that TD Film Studio provides to the winners. This portfolio has a high-budget professional photo shoot and video intro, a photoshoot gallery, a video intro, a professional cinema camera, a studio set-up, lighting, and expert editing of photos and videos after production. The winners will not have to pay a penny for this service, as it will be provided to them at no cost.

Unlocking Secrets of the Pros: 

The winners of Alcheringa 2023 will also get to participate in a 5-day workshop event at the TD Film Studio venue. The first 2 days of this workshop will be an intensive, hands-on event that will equip the winners with the knowledge and skills they need to build the perfect portfolio and kickstart their professional careers. At the TD Film Studio, the last three days will be used for professional photoshoots and video showreels. The winners will have a great chance to learn from skilled professionals and improve their skills at this workshop.

Connect with Industry Professionals: 

The winners of Alcheringa 2023 will also receive a free premium membership to, a talent-for-hire directory where they can connect with industry professionals and showcase their skills. This includes free premium web hosting for their profile and portfolio, the ability to upload and preview HD and 4K photos and videos, and a lot more.

Get Featured on Stock Websites: 

The winners will also have the opportunity to have their work featured on well-known stock websites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images, which will give them even more exposure. This will help them reach a larger audience and increase their chances of success.

Sponsorship for 12 competition categories:

TD Film Studio offered prize incentives for 12 different competition categories: Monodrama, Theatrix, Glamour Nova, Mr. and Miss Alcheringa, Electric heels, SUTUCD, Dancing Duo, Navras, Director’s Cut, Haute couture, States of dress, Xpressions. 

A portfolio for actors will show off their skills and talents in a polished and professional way, which will make them more appealing to agents and casting directors. Actors will have the opportunity to work with experienced professionals in the field to refine their craft and improve their skills. They will learn how to act in front of a camera and will be able to practice and get feedback on their performances. This will help them better prepare for the film industry and increase their chances of success.

Winners of the modeling and dancing categories will be able to show off their modeling and dancing skills. This will make them more appealing to potential modeling agencies, music videos, clients, agents, and casting directors. 

In the same way, the winners of the fashion segment will show off their skills and abilities in fashion design, which will make them more appealing to fashion agencies and clients.

Onscreen Acting Workshop: 

TD Film Studio specializes in providing onscreen camera-specific acting classes, and as part of the 5-day workshop, we are offering an introduction to our ‘Onscreen Acting Workshop’ to help the winners prepare for the film, media, and entertainment industries and improve their acting skills. TD Film Studio provides practical feedback from the experienced director and acting coach Tarunabh Dutta, which is essential for the growth and development of artists. With this feedback, actors and artists can figure out what they do well and where they need to improve.

Bio-data Resume Content Write-Up: 

Finally, TD Film Studio will provide the winners with a bio-data resume write-up that follows professional writing standards and is SEO-optimized to make them more visible and bring them more opportunities.


Alcheringa 2023 was a huge success, and TD Film Studio gave the winners of the competition a lot of benefits and opportunities. From professional portfolios to the chance to connect with industry professionals and be featured on stock websites, the winners have a lot to look forward to as they kickstart their professional careers. 

Alcheringa 2023

TD Film Studio’s goal is to help artists reach their full potential by offering full-service film production, portfolio building, and workshop training. We want to help and support artists on their way to success, whether it’s through our portfolio services, film production services, visual effects, animation, graphic design, music videos, commercial ads, or acting classes.

With our participation in events such as Alcheringa 2023, we hope to continue to spread the word about our mission and bring great benefits to aspiring artists everywhere.  And to all the creative artists out there, keep following your dreams and never stop creating. TD Film Studio is here to support and guide you every step of the way! Let’s keep the creativity and inspiration flowing!