acting classes in guwahati

Get guaranteed roles with our Onscreen Acting School in Guwahati, Assam!

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Learn acting for camera from experts.

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7th Onscreen Acting
Workshop at Guwahati

acting class in guwahati

We offer Acting Classes that will help you land your next role on the Big Screen! Unlock Your Inner Star!

You’ve got what it takes. We know that. But do casting directors and producers know that too? That’s where we come in.
TD Film Studio’s Onscreen Acting School in Guwahati is the best acting school in Guwahati to learn film and camera-specific acting and get guaranteed roles in our upcoming Films. We offer practical intensive training classes to help actors prepare for auditions and roles in professional films, ads, web series and TV serials. 
The course covers everything from script rehearsals to on-camera auditioning and filming.
In Stage 1 of our acting classes, we teach actors how to rehearse and prepare for auditions and build their video showreel and photoshoot portfolio. 
In Stage 2 of our acting classes, we teach advanced script rehearsal techniques to help actors develop their character role more effectively while also teaching them dubbing skills and professional approaches to act on camera when needed.
It’s not just about memorizing lines and reciting them. It’s also about understanding what makes a good performance. You will be learning from a professional filmmaker working in the industry for over 15 years, who has already helped launch the acting career of over 100 actors and is ready to share his knowledge and experience with you.
We offer 2 hours sessions per class to get more out of your time with us and get all of your rehearsals done without hampering your daily routine. And we’re always available for one-on-one consultation if you need help or have questions about anything!
Actors who enroll in this training program and complete the acting classes get guaranteed acting role in our upcoming films, ads, web series, TV serials projects!
As a bonus, we will help you build your showreel and photoshoot portfolio. We will highlight your best acting abilities by editing together clips from various scenes from different projects that showcase your range as an actor! 
We know that being an actor can be tough sometimes, but our classes will give you all the tools necessary to succeed in this competitive industry.
Our program is designed so that anyone can succeed no matter what their background or experience level may be. Whether this is your first time picking up a script or if you’ve been performing since childhood, our instructors will work with each student’s unique needs and goals so they can achieve success in their preferred way. 
Our Onscreen Acting classes are hands-on training where we’ll get out there on set, practice your skills, and understand what it takes for actors like yourself to succeed in the industry.
In just two hours per week, we will help you build your showreel, prepare for auditions, and improve your technique with professional actors who understand how to make an impression on camera. With these skills under your belt, there won’t be anything stopping you from getting the roles of your dreams!
You won’t find another program like ours anywhere else! Join the top Acting Classes in Guwahati City now!
acting classes in guwahati
acting classes in guwahati
acting classes in guwahati

Offline Acting Classes Schedule

  • Six batches of Acting students have already completed their Acting Training with us in the last 7 years.
  • We have provided acting platform to over 150 actors, till date.
  • 95% of all our actors have faced camera for the first time and debuted in our films!
  • Over 25 Film projects have been completed with our actors, in the last 15 years.
acting classes in Guwahati

Stage 1



TD Film Studio, Six Mile, Guwahati


Upto 10 Days Classes

15 Seats per Batch.


For Beginners and Experienced actors alike. 

Stage 2



TD Film Studio’s premise at Six Mile, Guwahati.


Advanced Sessions of Script rehearsals.

15 Seats per Batch.


Must complete Stage 1 and attend classes at Guwahati.

Stage 3

Film Shooting


All film shooting will happen in and around Guwahati City.


Upto 15 days of Film Shooting. Upto 2 days of post-production promo shoot & voice dubbing. 


Must complete Stage 2 and give full commitment for shoot

The Acting Classes Program will primarily focus on three aspects

01/ Preparation

The preparation section will focus on how to act; there will be voice exercises, movement exercises, scene study and monologue preparation.


The performance section will consist of screen tests, dialogue deliveries and short performances on camera from scripts carefully chosen for you.


This session will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your performances and discuss the motivations behind your characters' actions.


Benefits of TD Film Studio's Onscreen Acting School in Guwahati

Learn from the industry expert Film Director/Producer, have fun, meet new people, make new friends, improve your attitude about yourself as an actor.

acting classes in guwahati

Daily Video Shooting

Get the chance to practice regular screen test, dialogue deliveries and auditions. Learn how to be professional in front of the camera and improve your acting skills by performing as different characters in scenes from scripts carefully chosen for you.

acting classes in guwahati

Showreel Portfolio

We will help to build your Professional quality Video Showreel and Photoshoot Portfolio, at no extra cost, using film camera and advanced editing. Be discovered by Casting Directors, Talent Agents and Movie Producers. Get noticed, hired and book acting jobs.

acting classes in guwahati

Guaranteed Film Role

Actors who complete training get guaranteed acting role in our upcoming films, ads, web series, TV serials projects! Get your big break and become a successful actor by enrolling in our acting classes and completing our courses!