TD Film Studio‘s Acting Classes
Available Both Online & Offline


‘Onscreen Acting Classes’ is an intensive Camera specific Acting Classes Training Program for preparing actors for Professional Films, Ads and TV Serials. 

We Offer two types of Acting Classes –

Offline Acting Classes – Only for Participants residing in Guwahati, Assam. 
Online Acting Classes – Open for all types of Actors world wide with good internet connection.
Ever tried searching for an actor on google and you get thousands of results? What makes one actor different from the others in the vast talent pool? How can you be the best, when there are so many other people out there, who are doing the same thing as you? But, then again, not everyone gets the same chance or opportunities to succeed.
We will provide you the best platform every time! No matter if you’re a beginner or have been in the industry for years, shine in front of the camera and be a better actor with our Onscreen Acting Classes!
Onscreen Acting Classes is not a list of exercises. It will not help you to gain confidence by being told how good you look on camera, but it will help you to learn the craft of film acting. By working through scripts carefully chosen for you, you will be given the chance to practice your screen test, dialogue delivery, expressions, body language and audition skills, as well as building your confidence in front of the camera.
And the biggest benefit of them all – A Guaranteed Role in our upcoming Films! So what are you waiting for! Register for our Acting Classes now & begin your journey with TD Film Studio today!


Our Acting School in Guwahati

Acting Classes & Services

acting classes


Online Onscreen Acting Classes are suitable for Actors of all levels world wide. All you need is a  good Internet Connection to join us.
acting classes in guwahati


Offline Acting school in Guwahati. Guaranteed Casting Role in our Upcoming Film Projects.
acting classes


Online Onscreen Acting Classes are suitable for Actors of all levels world wide. All you need is a  good Internet Connection to join us.


At the moment, the best option for earning money locally (in Assam) through acting is to gain immense popularity and secure high-paying roles in Assamese mobile theater productions, television channel serials, or web series. Our film projects are more experimental and innovative in nature, deviating from the standard formulas and conventions of television and locally produced web series. As a result, we finance and fund our own productions in order to preserve creative freedom, and we accept only actors (students) who have completed our acting training and rehearsal program successfully. Actors have a much better chance of making a living and earning money in Mumbai. If you’re looking for high-quality roles and a supportive environment in which to grow, develop, and hone your acting skills through character development and scripts, our platform is a good fit, but performers must cover all costs associated with acting roles, including travel and food. We will finance only if sufficient funds or a financier are available.
Our film works are publicly available for free viewing and analysis to determine whether or not they are a good fit for you.
We support unconditionally those actors, who are willing to invest time, effort, and give commitment, and who have a desire to learn and improve/rehearse. There is no prejudice or discrimination at our studio.
At TD Film Studio, we do not have a direct audition or casting system.
Thank you.

Meet your Instructors

The Acting Classes Training Program is organized by TD Film Studio and all students will be mentored by the Founder/Director of TD Film Studio and Experienced Professional Filmmaker – Tarunabh Dutta himself.

We will be teaching modern film and camera acting techniques and professional audition and acting role preparation skills.


Tarunabh Dutta

A Filmmaker with over 15 years of experience. He has mentored and provided platform to over 150 actors in 27 of his films.


Himakhi Dutta

TD Film Studio’s Chief Assistant Director and Production Manager. She is also a coordinator of the Acting Classes.

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Highlights of Previous Acting Classes / Workshops

We have provided training and acting roles to over 150 actors and actresses, out of which, more than 95% have debuted in our films!

Want to know more about our Acting Classes and it's many benefits?

My name is Doli Chakraborty. I started my journey with TD studio in 2010 as a child artist. And since then I have never looked back, and my progress has been slow, but steady. In 2016, TD Film Studio organized a workshop on camera-acting. There I took active participation and learnt to face camera with ease and confidence. Through the workshop, I was able to analyze my talents and work on a lot of issues that limit me from unleashing my full potential. We were taught some important tips and basic skills about camera acting, and techniques of performing without getting nervous. I realized, after that Workshop, that how much I needed those techniques and I'm forever grateful to TD Film Studio for bringing out the best in me. Being an actor is not everyone's cup of tea. It takes a lot of guts, hard work, determination and dedication. I learned these life skills while working as a film actress with TD Film Studio. Thanks to the workshop, I have learnt to improve the fundamentals like (camera) acting techniques, movement skills, expression and voice modulation to match the story line. Recently, I was watching the Demo Reel of 2016 workshop participants. I really miss those techniques that we learnt during the workshop. It helped me build my approach to camera, to screen, to performances and expression. I would definitely request TD Film Studio to conduct these classes again.
Doli Chakrobarty
My name is Angshumann Bhattacharya and I have been a part of TD film studio's Onscreen Acting Classes since its inception back in 2016. My Film journey in Acting and Assisting has been with Tarunabh Sir through and through, and I have learned enormously from him through multiple film projects that he ventured into. From Sci-fi to Drama, Romcom to Thriller, Horror to Supernatural, all these genres have been explored and these different genres give ample amount of space to an Actor to improve his craft and skill, to make the character believable. This workshop is a great learning platform for non Actors as well since you get to work on script from the beginning as it is developed according to the skills and talent of the Actors involved in it. My Best Wishes & Cheers!!
Angshuman Bhattacharya
My name is Kongkona Baishya, a student of Onscreen Acting Classes. It’s been more than one year since I started my journey and here I am about to debut as a lead actress in an upcoming film by TD Film Studio - 'My Love is Vengeance'. I am honest and dedicated. My hobbies are acting and writing. My strength is my willingness to take risk, explore and to work hard to achieve my dreams and goals. I truly believe life is full of opportunities. My ambition is to give life to each and every character I play on screen and also to contribute creatively in the sphere of film making process
Kongkona Baishya
Actress & Writer
My name is Joon Nath. I have been associated with TD Film Studio since 2016. I have done roles like the lead actor, antagonist, negative character and as a comic one, too. This is a very different medium altogether and I'm still learning it. But I would like to say that it is very challenging and fun at the same time. I have already acted in the films 'Smartphone', 'Bloody Game', 'Phokotia Tales', 'Pothobhrosto' and 'My Love is Vengeance': all under production of TD film studio. My journey has been incredible. I have learnt a lot here. The teacher and film director, Tarunabh Dutta Sir is very experienced and friendly. He makes sure everyone gets to perform as much as possible, giving special consideration to those who are new at acting by helping them get ready for their scenes in every class. He elaborates on each process, explaining clearly how it will help your acting.
Joon Kumar Nath
Actor, Videographer, Photographer
The most important aspect of learning is with the right guidance. With no prior experience and access to industry standard professional opportunities, fortunately Onscreen Acting workshop was there for me, to support and guide my acting journey. Mr. Tarunabh Dutta Sir makes sure everyone gets to perform as much as possible. He teaches the fundamentals of camera acting extensively, ensuring that you have a firm understanding of how to make your character come to life. The workshop gives special consideration to those who are new at acting by helping them get ready for their scenes in every class. The Director has a wonderful ability to get the best out of his actors. He makes very realistic films by choosing relevant script and good artists. The story line is always different from others and my friends are usually attracted to watch it after knowing that I have acted in it. I have already acted in the films - 'The Girl in the Photo' (My Debut Film), Accident Prone, The Road to Hell, 'My Love is Vengeance'. I am grateful for being a part of this fabulous Film Studio and Acting Workshop, and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in acting.
Nitesh Kumar Parbat
I have been associated with TD film studio since 2017. It has been an awesome experience! I like TD film Studio a lot, not only for helping me with my acting skills, but also for guiding me by giving me confidence to be who I am. The environment is very friendly and relaxed. It feels as though the work I am doing is all in house and there is no other pressure to perform than the pressure I put on myself to do my best. I have already acted in the films 'Pothobhrosto' and Phokotia Tales' all productions under TD film Studio. My passion has always been acting. My greatest strength is my determination and will power. When I started learning by joining Acting Classes here in TD film Studio, my whole world changed. I'm grateful for that. I hope to establish myself as a quality professional performer and actor in near future.
Dipankar Das

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